Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Huston, we have movement!
Our baby has already become strong enough to be felt by me, though I'm sure it will be a few weeks or more before we can feel baby on the outside. I am 10 weeks to day already... already in the double digits! Time is going quickly, though some days I feel like it is crawling along... and of course those days are usually when I am miserable with nausea and the such.

I haven't been feeling TOO badly... very hungry, but nauseas too, headaches, very tired, etc... The usual pregnancy stuff. But I've heard and seen worse, so I'm trying not to complain! It's already getting a bit better, and I'm hoping because it started so early with this baby, it will be done early too! With Teagan, I didn't start to get really sick until I reached my 3rd month, but it only lasted for a month.. nothing too major. I'm approaching a month of misery with this one, so I'm hoping my body stays true to form and gives me a break soon! Ah sweet 2nd trimester lol.

I'm convinced this baby is a girl... not sure why, but I keep referring to "her" and I "feel" like it's a girl!! But we'll see lol. It could always change.

I am having an appointment with the CNM here on the 21st. I think they scheduled it as a prenatal visit, though it is really just for discussing the meds that I was on (I've since weaned off of them). I think I am going to have her teach me how to check my fundal height, and maybe sign up for one of her infant resuscitation classes she often has. I am nervous about telling her my plans, but I think she will be supportive. She is a wonderful person, and very accepting.

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Teagan is sleeping soundly... she's come down with a cold, and I'm glad that her little body is letting her sleep so good. Hopefully I will finally get a good nights rest as well!

I'll be posting belly pics soon! Stay tuned :)