Friday, June 20, 2008

Our new puppy

Here are pictures of Macy, our cocker/ pekingese cross puppy. We got her for Teagan's birthday this year. She is such a sweetie, and soooooooo cute! We love her a lot, especially Teagan :) She may be small, but she's a feisty one!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Week 19

Almost half-way there! We are so excited for this baby. He/she is growing so fast.. my belly is really getting big now too! I have my next appointment tomorrow, and I'll get to hear baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope. I am very excited!
Here are my 19 week belly shots.. Don't mind the tired look on my face, it was bedtime when those got taken! I am pretty sure my belly grew quite a bit! The little squeaker is kicking so hard in there lately he/she feels like they want to come out! I am always just amazed that my body just *knows* how to grow a baby, and my baby just *knows* how to grow inside of me. Simply a miracle.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The True Face of Birth: Survey on Birth Choices

The True Face of Birth: Survey on Birth Choices

If you are currently pregnant or have given birth in the last 12 months, you may be eligible to complete this survey. More details at the above link!

Monday, June 2, 2008

17 week belly pictures

Well, the sun decided to come out and play this weekend. It was nearly 90 degrees yesterday! But now today it dropped back down into the 50s, so I'm forced to stay in the house and clean. I think I will make a zucchini cake today, and maybe some other goodies to keep my mood up. I just want sunlight!!
I have been feeling so good lately. My belly is starting to pop a bit, my skin is clear, I'm feeling wonderful, and I can feel baby moving so happily in there! I can really tell that the relaxin is kicking in though.. sometimes I feel like my pelvis is just going to fall apart! Haha. I can't wait to go swimming this summer and enjoy the sun some more. I think it will help with the minor aches and pains I get from sitting at the computer for my new job.

My next appointment is June 12th. I think we might be able to hear baby's heartbeat with the fetoscope at that appointment, and I am excited for it! I need to invest in one someday when we have a bit of extra money around here. I also need to start saving up for my birth pool and a few minor birthing supplies. I also want to get a hammock. I think it will really be nice to put my upper body on while in labor so I can completely relax and listen to my hypnobabies while still being upright. As much as I loved the water for Teagan's birth, I'm sure I'll be wanting water mostly, but just in case it would be nice to have another comfy option.

Anyway, here are my 17 week belly pictures. I am about a week behind getting these up as I'm going to be 18 weeks tomorrow! I will take more tomorrow though. I also posted a couple of my final belly pictures from when I was pregnant with Teagan. I wish I would have taken them throughout my entire pregnancy with her! I had a lot going on at the time though, so I try not to beat myself up about too much.

Anyway, here they are! Enjoy!