Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Amazing Growing Belly

Here I am at 25.5 weeks (top) and 24 weeks (bottom).
I really feel big this pregnancy, and I am amazed at how big I look! My measurements are going up faster than the actual weeks I'm at, so I am keeping an eye on it :) Who knows, maybe there really *is* two in there?
23 weeks- 24 cm
24 weeks-26 cm
25 weeks- 27cm

This is about the time a jump should become apparent if there are two in there. But I'm thinking it is just a normal growth spurt and I look bigger because my body has already done this once before :)

We kind of picked out a name if it is a girl; Everleigh Rhys. We also like Parker Brian for a boy, but we aren't sure yet. I am thinking this baby is a girl, and my dreams seem to agree with me :) I had a weird one the other night. I told myself before I went to bed that I would dream of what this baby's gender is. I then had a dream that I was decorating a room for my baby, and I was with *someone*. I don't know who, or whether they were male or female or alien lol, but suddenly I *realized* I was dreaming, and remembered my question and asked it. I then noticed the colors we were decorating with (girl colors), and asked the other person, "Are you sure?" and the replied "Oh, definitely!" and a great sense of peace came over me. I wonder if this dream will turn out to be true?

Anyway, just thought I'd post a quick update for everyone. I haven't been around much due to issues at home, summer, 2 year old, etc... but I hope to get more action on here soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Week 22.5

Jason and I have finally decided to no longer resume prenatal care up at the clinic here. The midwife, while wonderful, is nonetheless bound by hospital policy and protocol. Of course, many of these things just do not fit with our research, beliefs, or even comfort level. It is causing us more stress that we don't need and not helping anything. My pregnancy is low-risk, and I know how to recognize problems in myself or with my baby, so we are very confident that this is the very best decision for us. I am thinking of getting a stethoscope soon, just to hear baby every once in awhile. But I trust my body and baby to do what they need to and am not worried at all.

Here are some more belly pictures!