Friday, May 23, 2008

16.5 week belly shots

Here's my new belly pics!
My stretch marks are starting to get darker again I think! Anyway, I haven't compared them to the 11 week ones yet, so I'm excited to see!

I had a bit of a scare last night. When going to the bathroom I noticed I had some really think discharge... Once I really looked at it, I realized it was part of my mucus plug (once you see one, you'll always remember what it looks like!) I then checked my cervix, and found it soft and probably about 2cm open. However, I hadn't had any kind of cramping or anything that day, so I decided to wait until morning to do anything. This morning I'm all back to normal. My cervix is closing back up and I'm not losing any more plug. My body will just regenerate what was lost, so I'm not too worried about it. It's just one of those things that makes you go "Hmmmmmmmmm....."

Thursday, May 15, 2008

11 Week Belly Shot

So here is my 11 week belly shot. My belly is a bit bigger here than normally, but not by much! I'm 15 1/2 weeks now!! YAY!

So here is some updates:
Jason expressed to me that he would feel more comfortable with the UC if he could call our midwife in case something came up (as opposed to just going to the hospital). The only catch with that is I have to do some prenatal care with the midwife in order for my insurance to cover her if she does come. After some thought, I agreed with him.

Our First Appointment: Jason and Teagan came with. We went through all of the usual paperwork. Our midwife wanted to listen to the heartbeat; now, in case you didn't know this about me, I believe that ultrasound is not as safe as doctors try to make it out to be. For my peace of mind (and I regret it now...) we decided to take a quick listen. The heartbeat was nice and strong at 158 bpm. The midwife and I also thought we heard an "echo"... possibly another baby. Being it was just a quick listen she didn't check any further, and she figures it was just the placenta anyway. We shall see!

I was measuring about a week ahead which doesn't surprise me.

The Second Appointment: It was just Teagan and I this time. Baby has been moving since about week 10, but now he/she is moving so good I can feel it on the outside! Baby is measuring all the way up to my belly button already, which is big considering I was only 15 weeks at that appointment! No, I'm not concerned about a big baby; my baby will grow to the perfect size for my body. What I *am* a little worried about is the possibility of more than one in there! It wouldn't change my UC plans at all, but it would change how much protein I pack into a day and other things. On one hand, I really think it would be great to have twins! On the other.... twins AND Teagan? Ohhhh boy. And being I will probably be tandem nursing, I would definitely be in for it with a toddler and TWO babies nursing! LOL! Oh well, I won't be the first momma to do it! And I totally would :)