Friday, June 20, 2008

Our new puppy

Here are pictures of Macy, our cocker/ pekingese cross puppy. We got her for Teagan's birthday this year. She is such a sweetie, and soooooooo cute! We love her a lot, especially Teagan :) She may be small, but she's a feisty one!


ruggilynn said...

I was so excited to see your new puppy. That is exacly what I had and kept for 15 years intil I lost him to Cardiac failures. He has been gone now for about 5 years. Every since then I have tried my best to find another one. My "Nick" was so very sweet. He was my heart and I felt that when he died a huge piece of my heart died as well. He was colored just exactly like your baby. Please tell me where you found it. I am looking for 2 males of possible. They would not be for breeding purposes rather they would be for me to love and give the best home available.
Robin Compagnone
Montgomery, Texas

Anonymous said...

I came over to look from Hypnobabies yahoo group and I just can't believe your Teagan's eyes. She has SUCH an amazing, beautiful look! I wonder if Everleigh will be the same.