Friday, October 24, 2008

Everleigh Anne; 5 days old

Hey everyone! Just a quick update :)

Nursing is going well; the engorgement is down already and Ever latches on like a pro so my nipples aren't hurting so bad anymore either. I seriously make enough milk for 10 kids though.. it is insane. Teagan has been helping with the engorgement too; she is very happy to have her bubbies back! LOL. She is still only nursing 1-3 times a day though, which is ok... Ever is attached nearly 24/7 and I'm still too sore to try tandem nursing.
Everleigh is just looking at me so peacefully right now... she follows my voice everywhere I go, and really studies people's faces. She is SO strong too... and I am curious to know how much she weighs. I might just head over to the hospital today to get her hearing test done and check out her weight (and my own!! lol). She is a bit jaundiced, but yesterday was the last "peak day" for it, and she isn't sleepy or anything, so I am not worried about it one bit. Jaundice is such a neat thing lol... it sucks that it has such a bad rep when it really has beneficial properties for baby as long as it is physiological in nature. Being she didn't have her cord severed until the placenta was detached (and then much later after that), I didn't have any drugs of any kind (like pain meds, pitocin, etc), and we didn't consent to the vitamin K shot, I know her jaundice is just the good kind :)
Anyway, I am feeling better and better everyday. My afterpains are all gone now, and the bleeding is down to just being like a normal period. My back and body are sore, but mostly from lack of sleep.. birth soreness is already gone for the most part! Hopefully I can hammer out Ever's birth story here soon.. today? Anyway, here are some more pictures!


Lauren said...

Oh Britt she HAS changed!!! WOW! She is too stinking cute for words. I am so proud of you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had to look at these a few times. I was trying to figure out if that was you holding her, then I realized it was your mum. I didn't think that was your nose.=P