Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Dream

I had a dream... I can't remember if I had it last night or the night before, as I didn't remember it until just now...

I had had my baby, in a nice full pool of water.. and I felt so at peace and comfortable, and was in the "bubble" of just holding my little one. He/She was wide-eyed and alert.... can't remember checking the sex. We just stared at each other, as I held my baby in the water. I remember submersing the baby's body in the warm water, and feeling his/her body just completely relax into the water. I remember thinking, "No one to bother us.. no one to try to mess with the cord, or me, or my perfect baby..." and feeling so... healed.

I am grateful that this vision was sent to me, so I can hold it close for my affirmations of my coming birth. When I remembered it just now, I felt so much better... I have been holding so much stress and anxiety, but this vision gives me a peace about everything.

And with my experiences with deja vu, especially with dreaming the future (usually little non-significant tidbits), I thought I would write this one down before I forgot.