Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 6

So tomorrow is the beginning of week 6 of my beautiful pregnancy. I am half-way through the tentative time.... the first trimester is a relief for me to get out of. I feel better knowing my chance of losing baby after 12 weeks drops considerably. I am already so attached to this baby....

I am really concentrating on my nutrition this pregnancy. With my first, I did all the things my midwife and family told me to do... don't eat soft cheese.. undercooked meat... raw eggs... junk food... processed foods... etc. The usual "don't" list. However, no one really told me what I *should* be eating. For example, 80-100g of protein a day. so, I'm not only cutting out the "don't eat" list, (except raw eggs.... my dear friend Kristen corrected me on those! Just wash the outer shell..) I am also concentrating on what I should eat everyday.
So far, I've been getting the 80-100g of protein a day... I've also been drinking TONS of water. I had dehydration issues with my first pregnancy, so I want to be careful with that. I also am drinking many nourishing teas; red raspberry leaf, oatstraw, alfalfa, nettle, red clover, dandelion, etc. I have only been eating organic foods as well. It's more expensive, but a price cannot be put on my or my unborn baby's health! However, I plan on having a very large garden this summer, to help with the costs of organic produce.
I have also been concentrating on my fitness more this pregnancy. I do yoga, meditate, do sun salutes, and some Tai Chi everyday. I will also start walking everyday once it starts to warm up here! And this summer will be spent running after my energetic daughter :) Swimming will be in high demand in the hot season as well! Oh, I can't wait for the pool!!

Anyway, I've already noticed that I'm not as nauseas when I eat my protein right away. I have also been drinking spirulina smoothies, which help supply a huge dose of B-vitamins. Of course, B-vitamins are not only vital for baby, but also helps keep morning sickness, depression, and tiredness minimal for mom. I will have to post a picture of my daughter's spirulina mustache one of these days lol.

My brother and his girlfriend are getting ready for baby *any day now*!! I am feeling anxious about it, but optimistic. She is having her baby in the hospital, with a midwife... but her midwife will be going on vacation in less than a week! Time's-a-ticking for her, as she doesn't want a doctor attending. I hope labor starts for her soon!